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Laser Eye Correction trip to Athens, Greece


Scheduling the laser operation

The first step to having a laser eye surgery is to send to Dr.Kefala details about your eyes’ status. Then she will send you her medical opinion about your wish. This is not a full consultation, but you may get a general idea about the potential treatment for the problem.

When you feel ready to receive a more personal consultation, we may arrange a free distance-meeting with Dr.Kefala (via Skype). She will analyse your treatment and you may discuss a number of issues with her.

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Before laser surgery

You must stop wearing your contact lenses for at least a week, if you use soft lenses or two weeks if you use the hard ones. Female patient must also stop wearing make-up for 3 days before surgery.


Preoperative consultation

The in-person consultation meeting with Dr.Kefala and the basic preoperative examination can be carried out the day before the operation. Patients should be aware that as a result of this examination you might not be considered suitable for surgery. This could be caused if the thickness of the cornea, coupled with the degree of the optical error to be corrected, makes unsuitable your eye for such a laser operation. The thickness of the cornea could be measured by a special examination (pachymetry) easily and painless done in doctor’s office. If you have already done a pachymetry exam, you may send the result to Dr.Kefala before scheduling the operation, in order to avoid any “unpleasant surprise”.

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Laser Procedure Day

The day of the eye laser procedure you may have a light breakfast, you must avoid makeup. Sunglasses are necessary. It is better to avoid any other activity during that day.


Postoperative examination

The day after the operation, patient must attend a postoperative examination. In case of LASIK or FEMTO method a minimum stay of 3 days in Athens is necessary. In case of PRK method a minimum stay of 6 days is required.

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When going back home, another postoperative check-up by any ophthalmologist is required 2 weeks and 2 months after laser treatment.

In any case, Dr.Kefala would be at your disposal over the telephone, on skype or by email for any advice during the recovery period.



Contact us for more information about our services. Our experienced customer service team can help you find just what you need and can advise you on the options. Dr. Helena Kefala is  available from 10 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday. However, they can also be available in emergency cases around the clock.

helena kefalaUsually Dr Kefala see patients on an appointment basis. If you are experiencing problems, please call our office. We will arrange for you to see dr Kefala as soon as possible. Our office hours are from 10 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday.

To schedule an appointment during dr Kefala's office hours, please call us at +302106458959.

When necessary, in an emergency case, dr Kefala will see a patient anytime. If an emergency occurs and you need to contact dr Kefala during office hours, call us.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. Dr Kefala make every effort to keep their appointments on schedule. Emergencies do arise, however, and sometimes a delay is unavoidable. When this happens, we do all we can to minimise the inconvenience. 


Dr Kefala Helena is in the "Doctors List" of the British Embassy in Athens.


Phone: +30 210 645 89 59

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